GRunveiled : Our Space

Last Thursday night I attended GRunveiled. You can read the total recap over on Aletha's Pearls Events blog.

Recap post I

Recap Post II

Recap post III

I can't say thank you enough to Joy'l from Paper Nest and Aletha from Pearls Events. It was truly an honor to be submersed in a group of such talent. A thanks also goes out to Nicole Haley for capturing the event. If it wasn't for her awesome skills and generosity this post wouldn't exist!

A thank you as goes out to my fabulious friend Megan. She is the *unpaid* unofficial assistant and model for Pixel & Hank. She has been so supportive of this little venture of mine.

Here is the recap of Pixel & Hank's space at GRunveiled.

Here we are posing like dorks in front of our setup. I was quite proud of my setup. Each item came from my house or my parents... my space cost me only $2 (I paid a $1 for the mini framed mirrors!).
Amoungst the chaos Nicole was able to grab this adorable little shot on the right. I think it is just darling!

Look for another post soon about all the fantastic people I met!