DIY Boutonniere

Thanks to Google alerts, I've found a few tutorials on how to make a Pixel & Hank Boutonniere. These DIY brides post our photos and link directly to the shop. I was a little upset at first but ended up convincing myself that imitation is the best form of flattery. Am I wrong?

So, when my friend Carrie shared the Ready Made DIY contest I decided I should post my own DIY. (If you can't bet 'em, join 'em)?

FYI, I do not currently carry this item in my shop, this is a very simplified version of a P&H boutonniere!

Pixel & Hank's - Shabby Chic Wedding Boutonniere / Corsage

2-3 faux flower stems
2 pieces of coordinating fabric
Floral wire
Floral Tape

Glue gun

1. Cut your coordinating fabric in to 2x4 squares {a}. Decide which fabric will be the 'top' leaf and cut two leaves out of the the fabric {b}. Layer top fabric leaf over bottom fabric {c} and cut around top leaf {d}.

2. Place floral wire between bottom and top leafs {e} and glue them together {f}. Next, take floral stems {g} and wrap them together with floral tape {h}.

3. Combine leaves and floral {left} and wrap them together with floral tape. Continue wrapping base evenly until it is the right thickness. Trim the excess wire and tie a bow {right}.

So, there it is! Get to work!

You can also VOTE for our diy on Ready Made. Pretty please?